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Starting occupational therapy
I have a question and have decided not to start a new thread because my question is about the other hand.

Due to the delays of court I still wait on the adding of the carpal tunnel to the claim.
One day the attorney says adding it will be a good thing the next day he says differently.

THe right hand is worse then the left (ct surgery was June for the left) and the surgeon wanted to do surgery on the right hand in June. That didn't happen because because of the wait for the judge's decision.

Now for the question:
I now have numbness of the top of the hand, fingers have been numb for awhile. It feels like an insect crawling on the top of the hand. (Course there isn't)

Is this normal or a progression of what is going on with the hand?

The NCT I had a year ago (Sept 08) results were mild/moderate CT of the median & ulmer nerve.

At this time I am not seeing an OS for the hand.

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