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Something I learned today..............
White logging on this morning, an ad caught my eye from a grocery store that you can go onto their website, register, pick a close to home store you shop at and then go directly to that store's website. You can click on the weekly sales ad and anything you wish to buy, just click it on and it goes onto a shopping list for you. Then you can go into a "coupon" area which shows all the current coupons being offered by vendors. You can click on any coupon and the item goes onto your grocery list.

And the best part, after you are done with all the sale items, you can click on the "shop by aisle" and click on anything else you want on your shopping list. And I mean anything in the store, and whatever brands they carry. On this particular site, you could even order a full chicken dinner to go. When you are shopping, you have an opportunity to change the quantity of anything you want to purchase.

Ok, I know I already said the best part, but this is great. When you are done shopping, you can review your list and delete or add anything before you save it. Then you print your list AND along with your list, all the coupons that you checked also print. The list is in order by aisle so you don't have to hunt or go back and forth. This was so great!

I gave it a full try today. I took my list and coupons to SaveMart and went aisle by aisle. I found all my items but one and later found out they had run out of that product. The list was great. Everyone at the store was so excited to see me using the online valued feature. The list was large print and had a box by each item so you could check it off as you put it in your basket.

I loved this. It was fun, and made me feel like I accomplished something of value. My total grocery savings today was $58.36. Not too bad for a beginner. I was also happy my husband was home to unload the groceries and help put them away. I was very tired after this, but like I said, I felt good about doing something.

Hope you all can find your favorite grocery store online. I think it is mostly the bigger chains that may do this.

Just wanted to share.

Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......

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Something I learned today.............. - chrischris - 08-22-2009, 11:28 PM

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