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My PM Dr.'s Appt., and what I Learned!
Still......You are not suppose to know the pain I'm in.....I thought that I covered it pretty well from you. Usually Dave is the only one that can tell, and I feel sorry for him believe me..........The kids can't tell how much pain I'm in because I hide it from them. (Bull Headed German that I am.) The only reason you can tell is because of the incredible pain that you suffer every day. You are more intune to it than the others, my family members I mean. Now that Dave dislocated his shoulder, he looks at me and says "God how can you stand this every day". and I tell him " some days you almost get use to it, but you sure the heck don't want to".

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RE: My PM Dr.'s Appt., and what I Learned! - backache - 07-29-2009, 08:07 PM

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