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beginning stages, what's the drill?
caselaw is good for lawyers and judges but it tastes terrible and is not very filling.Smile quote]

Good point!

Well, I did not go to work today, but rather spoke again with HR and also got out the old phone book and started calling attorneys to see how much information I might be able to get over the phone about my situation. What I specifically wanted to know was what were my rights as far as having a decision regarding the WC doctor. The information I received correlated with responses here.... can get a second opinion, but must be within the Network Providers' list.

What I discovered, however, is that these attorneys are like sharks in the water, testing the legal "chum" of your claim to see if there is cause for action in personal/industrial injury cases. Felt like Exxon Valdeez oil slick was stickin' to my body when I got done! At least that was my own experience this morning, I would hate to put smudge on attorneys' fine reputations!
As Dora says, "...just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."

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RE: beginning stages, what's the drill? - acalbertson - 06-09-2009, 08:38 PM

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