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Dallas, I hope you haven't left the forums...
Dang 2nd try lost the last one I was trying to respond to this

You all are so sweet and I appreciate your concern. I will never be able to catch up on all the new post. But I want you to know I just have been really busy with work---the rain the house and OK fessing up--I met a guy from another insurance company- a bit ago and thank God he is not in WC. Anyway we went out of town for a couple of days-I know TMI. Princess- I hope you are well with your dates!
I never feel like I am betraying my industry as I have been doing this way to long and know the circles of the system. I do hate that companies have failed to train adjusters properly- that really hurts you and the rest of the system- it is costly and it also is time consuming. It upsets me that some of you have really gotten the suck end of the system. I just want you to know that not all are treated that way. And that it is because of the jerks that made crap happen in the history of the WC-which has caused some of you grief. You all do need to realize this -the percentage of those treated badly are minimal- compared to the majority this site would be tons fold just think if all the badly treated WC people were here- or experianced WC injured workers came here dang they would need more bandwith. But the truth is statistics are about less than 90% or higher are counted as being mis treated and the percent of BS-ers are higher.

I hope that I am helpful I do know that if you have seen or heard from bethsha- she is doing great and I know she has appreciated that I suggested a great Dr. for her and she has had the surgery and treatment she was in need of. That is truly a reward for me to know that I was trusted. Deb is awesome she is going thru crap and I will also help her anyway I can. And we will have lunch----------Red I would still go on vacation with you but glad you clarified we are woman and like men LOL
Still- Cap- Wink- jayne- thank you all-----yikes I just had a dejavue of romper room.

I am here just try to get rid of me! I will try as much as I can to help any and all of you!

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."


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