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Your Doctors notes to and from defense attorneys and The insurance carrier?
I rarely have had problems getting my medical records (including any and all notes and third party paperwork) with a verbal request to my Dr's receptionist. After so many visits (at this time I only go to WC once a month to get my out of work note) I will call and request anything and everything that has happened on my case since a certain date. And she mails them to me from DFW. The same with pain management, and my WC claim from 2003.

In fact, I contacted a Dr that I had been treated by in Vegas during 2005 and requested my records and had everything within a week. The only records I can't get without picking them up in person, are for the 2 times I was hospitalized in Vegas in 2005, so I am having my asttorney request them so she has a full medical file on hand in case my adjustor for this case brings something up from my past. We can them easily see where she might have gotten the info and can counter that it has nothing to do with the WC injury I have now.

I have never had to fill out any request for records paperwork. In fact, last year when my PCP dropped me because of my WC injury, his office sent me a complete set of my records without me even requesting them. I guess each state has rules about release of medical records. I guess that I am just one of the lucky ones that has had no problem getting them.

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RE: Your Doctors notes to and from defense attorneys and The insurance carrier? - UndercovrAngel - 04-21-2009, 03:05 PM

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