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New Jersey Back Injury problems with W/C Doctor
I'm a police officer and I suffered a back injury on the job in the very beginning of February this year. I went to the Emergency room the night of the injury, where the doctor there said I had at least a severely sprained back. The next morning, I went to Meridian Occupational Health (my employers workman's comp doctor). The doctor touched my back for about 15 seconds and said he thought it wasn't that bad. He sent me back to work the same day on light duty in lieu of the treatment and medicine I was supposed to perform for the injury, ie was told to hold off on meds until off duty that night and couldn't do hot/cold treatments while at work. I then had three regularly scheduled days off and the doctor deemed me fit to return to work full duty 4 days later and did not schedule me for a re-evaluation appointment prior to returning to work.

Since then, I have had recurring pain and stiffness. I have never had a back injury before so I figured it was just part of the recovery (I did however make sure not to do any activity to strain my back since the original injury). However, while at a shooting range for qualifying recently, at one stage of the shoot, my back gave out (same exact side and spot as the original injury). I did submit a form with my employer and I am waiting for their response.

My main concern is that I believe the workman's comp doctor is a hack and is rushing people back to work instead of properly treating them (I, of course, have no proof, but have heard stories from five other people at work relating to similar problems with the same doctor). If I'm sent back, what recourse do I have. Can I refuse treatment by this doctor and request another physician? If it turns out that the injury is more serious (such as a tear), what recourse do I have against the original workman's comp doctor, who did not request an MRI, nor a follow up visit prior to my returning to work. Thanks for any help or input in this situation.

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New Jersey Back Injury problems with W/C Doctor - theroos17 - 04-06-2009, 04:19 AM

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