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Confusion re. the wording on my MMI paperwork.
Hi guys, I am looking for your all's insight on this question. It basically is the definitions between "Permanent Total Disability" and "Permanent Partial Disability". Here's the situation: My surgeon saw me for my MMI appnt. and said that he was going to be rating both of my legs at the highest ratings that he could possibly give me, from the AMA guide, and as for the work release went, he was going to say that I was not allowed to work any more. However, When we got the paperwork a month later, the paperwork said that he gave me my high rating but as for the work release, I was put at "Permanent Partial". Between my lawyer, myself, and my nurse case worker, we have all been talking about this and we all have different oppinions on how the terms are interpreted. I interpreted "P.Partial" as saying that I am am not able to fully work...but could partially work somewhere.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the different definitions? I am curious if my Surgeon had perhaps just forgotten my specific case, since he had forgotten to write the letter in the 1st place and my ncm had to send him 3 letters reminding him that she really needed the letter ASAP. So, maybe he forgot that we had talked about not being abot to work...or maybe his definition of P. Partial is not what I think it is. I just want to make sure the Jujge isn't going to think that I am going to be able to get oput there and begin working with this wording. That would be interesting, hmmmmWink.


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Confusion re. the wording on my MMI paperwork. - lfoster21 - 03-11-2009, 01:00 AM

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