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Question to 1171 re: Voc Rehab
Lilly, thanks for the update on your situation, it helps to know we are not alone in this struggle.

Regarding my fifth vocational counselor...I had one meeting with her in my lawyer's office back in September 08. She decided I have to attend this so called pain clinic as the IME doctor recommended, before she can proceed. At that time, she was pregnant and I guess, now I have a sixth counselor, whom I never met, since this last one is probably on maternity leave.

My surgeon set permanent restrictions more than two years ago, but IME doctors keep removing them. Now I don't have a good doctor, he doesn't really know me or care, w/c using him for paperwork only. Last time I went to see him to discuss MRI on my neck, he set a record spendig time with me...exactly 10 minutes...3 minutes answering a phone call, 7 minutes to discuss MRI. He referred me to a neurologist for consultation and that's it. My lawyer referred me to this doctor and he is useless.
He lost a hearing for me for further medical treatment as the judge found the IME doctor more credible.

My lawyer, who is my second, I spoke with him maybe three times in a year's time...usually I communicate with the paralegal. I start to believe, they gave up on me since I don't have a good supporting doctor. You are right, the trouble with my case is the dx...carpal tunnel/tendonytis/triggering of thumbs that's at. I have trouble with my shoulders/arms and neck and also triggering of little fingers, but w/c denied all as work related, saying problems came out after I stopped working, therefore not work related. Lawyer refusing to advance money to see more specialist to link my problems to my original injury and I just can't pay for them.

I don't really know what to do anymore and I am very depressed as it seems to me, everyone gave up on me. I know I should find a different doctor, but very few takes w/c cases. Lawyers.. I guess they don't see a lot of money out of my case, so that's a dead end too.


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