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questions to ask specialist
shortversion of injury

Hip knee back mri states facet arthropathy at l5 s1 left side more then right  keep stating that i was having tingling inleft arm , major headaches
After 2ndclaim was denied I started going todr with own insurance ..

First specialist found that i have 3 bulging discs , hernatied one at c5c6 into spinal  cord and says I need surgery  cervical diskomoy with fusion at c5-6.
Went for second opinion ortho who states yes he agrees but could hold off til i start to drop things and  that cervical headaches wont  be stopped with surgery I asked  if he could do anew mri of thelower lumber since i got rehurt andfilled another claim .. deniedrightaway

waiting for his report to get back to the np that is the only dr that clinic will let me see ( ive tried and also get reassigned to np )

going back tomorrow tothe specialist since im scrared about surgery
and that i will loose motion  or  come out worse then before .
Also  that im waking in the morning with arms numb

some days   right arm its first 2 fingers are numb

its continues tochange .. and left leg is numb aka tingling burning depending on what im doing
still working ..

ok Im after some help in what type of questions i  can ask !!

1) could neck be part of tripping since pans flew around 6 ft .
2) why are the areas in arms moving from morning to the next day ?
3)Would that not mean the bulges are also hitting on the spinal cord being compressed ?

I would love everyone to help out to think of more items to ask dr tomorrow
I cant keep my consentration and ive been even writting wrong dates on items at work andforgetting what i walked togo get ..

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questions to ask specialist - tweety00 - 06-20-2007, 01:18 PM

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