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post employment medical history report and pre exsisting condition

RNvic Wrote:call and talk with more than one lawyer and see if you can find a lawyer to take the case. Explain to the lawyer why you answered the question as you did and also check the chricopractors records and see what is writting there. There could be information in them that shows a prior problem with your back and then you would know what the insurance company is using for the refusal to pay. Also do you have a witness to the injury? This also may help you

Perfect advice!

Also, just an inside note from a Florida ex-adjuster. Unless it was very, very obvious that there was a lie or misrepresentation, very few of this type of case are decided on the employer/carrier side. In most cases, the judge will side with the injured worker.

Good luck.

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RE: post employment medical history report and pre exsisting condition - kate - 11-03-2008, 05:16 PM

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