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Help...will this injury be covered under wc?
I am a nurse at a nursing home, I was working LOTS of overtime 7 days a week for approx 3 months. In May of 2008 I was working the overnight shift and began to feel a little light headed, I got up from the nurses station walked to restroom and thats all I remember.

Staff that was working with me became concerned and came to check on me, they found me on the floor in the rest room, I apparently passed out. Ambulance was called, on transit I went into respiratory failure, CPR started...arrived at hospital placed on life support, told husband I had no brain activity was parlayed to left side and had 4 seizures, husband told Dr. he wanted me moved to hospital in larger city, within 4 hours I was transfered. At the other hospital they found that I had fractured my ankle when they did the initial assessment, nothing was done because my condition was so serious. I was finally removed from I.C.U. , I had to have surgery on my foot (6 pins& plate) after 16 days in the hospital I went home.

I did not initially file for w/c because I thought I did not "slip on water" I apparently had a seizure, while at work, while on the clock with an injury that has caused me unable to return to work yet.

It has been 4 months since my accident. I filed 7 weeks ago and still have not heard if this will be covered under w/c. If anyone has any information or experience like mine, please respond. I am unable to work at this time , my ortho Dr. will not see me to eval until 10-28-08, he has been wonderful, but 4 months with no income has been really HARD, 6 months will be IMPOSSIBLE!

Looking forward to your feedback..

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Help...will this injury be covered under wc? - healingnurse - 08-28-2008, 01:49 PM

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