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dr, refusing to se me???
1171 Wrote:I'm sure your orthopedist can find another neuro who'll help with the diagnosis; although I'm a bit suspecious that she's also ready to wash her hands.
when things don't go the way they want doctor's can be quick to move on to the next patient.
you can also contact the carrier to get another opinion. if you are going to post regularly you should put your location in your profile so we know which state laws control your benefits.

Sillyme, 1171 is so right. Samething happened to me. My ortho surgeon refused to see me after my third surgery,stating there was nothing more he could do for me. He also refused to give me an impairment rating, he wanted IME doc to do it(and they did, gave me a low 5% on both hands). What he did, he just sent me to fce test and gave me permanent restrictions according to fce test. He also referred me back to my primary physician, who is not w/c certified and couldn't really see me regarding my w/c injuries. So I was left without a ortho doctor and when I was trying to find one, they just wanted to review my records first for several hundred dollars and decided they couldn't take me as their patient. Finally I hired a lawyer who found an occupational medicine doc for me, but now he is ready to drop me, also. Why? Because w/c refusing to pay for any medical since 2006, they just want to pay doctor to manage vocational issues, lots of paperwork, little pay, who wouldn't get tired of that?

At least, before your ortho doctor drops you, get an impairment rating, permanent restrictions and a referral to a reputable occupational doctor. The reason why the neuro doctor refusing to see you, could be w/c not authorizing further tests and maybe the neuro doc wasn't even paid for the first test.

Reading your earlier post, are you seeing a pain management doctor?
In my case, after four years in this system, my doctor just referring me to pain clinic, w/c still has to approve.

Good luck to you.


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