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Burn victims
and may not for awhile.......first and formost DO AS YOUR DOCTOR SAYS follow his instructions ......go to your boss or HR person and give her a copy of your docs report and weather or not he is taking you off work...if he does not take you off work you will not be paid for lost time....99% of all WC cases are handled with no problems......once you have problems then interview and hire the best WC attonery you can then let him do his job......Call your morgage,landlord and explain what has happened most will work with you ditto car note and any Credit cards you may have....if it looks like you are gonna be out awhile look for places to cut cost....ie cable,dinner out or child care if you are home....it could take as few as 2 weeks or as much as never to get a WC check......Most adjusters have to divorce themselves from clients problems in order to keep sane..and most are good people but some......rest assured they get their check each week and they are not real worried weather or not you do....Sal Army and local church pantrys will help when they can.......good luck and welcome to the best WC forum in the united states.....
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Burn victims - bronzegle - 06-11-2008, 12:41 PM

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