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IC wants to send nurse w/me to next Dr Appt.
Hello! Bit of background..Broke my fibula/open dislocated ankle in Feb. Have 2 pins in. Been able to bear weight with a walking/air cast for 3 weeks, return to Doc on June 5th. Am hoping to be allowed to drive and return to work in some capacity(If they have anything for me, I was working for a Temp Agency!). Have been having big problems with swelling, (thanks to all for help with that!) I was told that swelling would "improve" once I was able to bear weight, it is worse. I also have new type of pain, in area of my wound where the bone tore through skin, feels like a knife is stuck in the side of my heel! Am worried about soft tissue injuries that were not repaired completely when they fixed the bones. Also have burning and numbness, severity comes and goes, but always there. Could go on and on. lol!

Anyway, the IC nurse called this am to let me know they approved a new script and to "see how I was doing". I told her all my concerns, how the skin on my foot at night feels like it's going to pop and I can't sleep, etc. etc. She asked if okay if an "independent nurse advisor" (independent!! ROFLAO!) came with me to my Doc. appointment next week. Of course I said yes. My question is, what should I expect? What should I be careful of? I want to return to work, ASAP, can't afford to be out any longer, especially since winter is over and my utilities are no longer protected etc. But I also have come this far, and if returning to work will cause more problems, I will wait a few more weeks. Am afraid that they are just going to be gunning for my treatment to be over and for me to return to work whether I am ready or not.

Any insight, opinions, what have you would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I see that quite a few are about to have surgeries, my thoughts and best wishes go out to you!


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IC wants to send nurse w/me to next Dr Appt. - fairycatz - 05-30-2008, 10:06 AM

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