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Update on my Maryland Workers Compensation case
queenbee Wrote:I to am in Maryland and can't believe how much the Ins comp gets away with.
I have had treatments stopped -- ooops sorry it was a mistake
perscriptions stopped--- ooops sorry record error
tests refused-ooops somone went on vacation
checks stopped- ooops don't know why we will start them right away
a month later still no check --ooops no one recorded problem we wil take
care or it right away. Three months later a check comes for one week
Went 4 months with no money dont know why
ct ordered to have surgery - oops the insurance comp is refusing authorization yet they did
not appeal decision.
And on top of this all this time I have had a lawyer.
It's plain to see the case managers are trained to pass the buck. What can we do---nothing
and they know it. I can se them sitting around and comparing cases as to which one made an injured worker upset the most and which lies to tell us that work to get us off the phone.
I bet they get weekly bonuses for whoever did the best in mistreating us.
The truth is no one is going to help us each case is a crap shoot.
Good luck to you

You are so right. And they when we tell are lawyers about it they are like what do you want me to do about it. My answer is YOUR DAMN JOB! Thats why i fired my lawyer and he blamed everyone but his self and tried everything to get me to keep him on the case. There all the same and in fact i bet the lawyers and insurance companies are in bed together.

I called my lawyer one time and he was like why are you so mad. Duh maybe i about to lose every damn thing i own because you people could care less what happens to us as long as your pockets get filled thats all that matters to them. To us injured workers what matters to us is paying are bills so we keep a roof over are families head. It just makes me sick and if not for my kids and my wife i would not be here today because i just could not handle all this without there support. I was forced into the operation that i did not want. And i was right about it. Now i am disabled because of it. After my surgery failed and i slowly began to get worse thats when the games began with the insurance company.

PMA INSURANCE GROUP is the idiots i deal with and PMI is a medical mail order for workers compensation. They was late 6 days with my medication and did not even have the nerve to let me know about it. Then when they delivered my pain medication they would leave OXYCONTIN on my front porch. My 8 year old would bring it in the house after they got home from school saying dad your medicine was on the front porch. How nice is that. Now that would have been real nice if a kid opened it up and toke the medicating. I was so pissed when i called them. And there response was we are so sorry. Sorry does not cut it. Someone could have O.D. because of there irresponsibility! WCC destroys honest workers life's every day and nothing is said about it in the main stream media. Like i said we are now just a case number and thats it.

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