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Update on my Maryland Workers Compensation case
My case after the hearing Both won one and lost. Was one but the commissioner found me to be 87% disabled PPD even though both doctors the lawyers and the insurance company and my doctor and all the others i have seen found me to be totally disabled. What was striking to me was at the closing of my hearing the commissioner turned to me and said i was to young to be disabled. So that told me he already made up his mind before even looking at my medical records that he said he would look at and base his decisions from. I never knew there was a age that you had to be to be disabled. I told my lawyer because the commissioner said that in the court room while i was still on the stand that it was discrimination because i was 39 year old male. I got my SSDI without a lawyer the first time. Like i said my medical records speak for themselves and for him to make a decision based on my ages is discrimination. And my lawyer did nothing but sit there through the complete hearing. He was more pounding me to lie about my shoulder and i would not do it. He wanted me to say that my shoulder injury that happened 11 years ago was causing me a great deal of pain and that is just no true. I told the truth and he seemed pissed at me. This is why the system is so screwed up because you have lawyers who are just as bad as the people who claim to be hurt and lie about it. I had nothing to lie about my back. I had the surgery and it failed and screwed me up even more then i already was. And now they say i would need a 3 level full frontal and back fusion of my lower back with a 30% chance it may releave some of my pain. And the insurance company said in the court room that 30% was better then nothing. And i said 30% was not good enough for me to risk getting worse then i all ready am. I could not handle any more pain or not being abled to walk at all. The insurance company don't care if there is a slim chance that something will make you better they want you to try it even if the chance of you getting worse is greater then the chance of getter better. It's all about money to them. We are just case numbers not people anymore. So now i fired my lawyer who did nothing through the hole case and screwed more up then anything. And now in an appeal for TPD. The thing that i learned is stay involved with your case because lawyers makes mistakes that can cost you everything. My truck was reposed and i almost lost my house because the insurance company played there games and stopped payments for a month and they started them back up with out any notice what so ever. And then turn around and say they never missed any payments. But thank god for me keeping all my paper work that i requested a stop payment form because i had to send it to SSDI. The Laws in Maryland and most likely in many states need to be changed to protect the employee's from insurance companies getting away with not following the laws and lawyers and judges for the same!

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Update on my Maryland Workers Compensation case - thermo269 - 04-25-2008, 08:38 AM

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