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Judge's Order Is In...After 26 Months Getting Medical Treatment
It came in the mail today.....after 26 months I am getting treatment for my left knee.

I believe everyone knows my story; I was injured in the classroom while caring for a student that was having a medical emergency.

Wc has refused medical treatment for my left knee saying I have DJD.
I have been to 9 doctors with all saying I need a total knee replacement.

I have been through 7 hearings with the last one November 2007 in which my attorney requested treatment for my left knee.

This is what the last part of the order reads...........
There is no dispute that the primary factor in claimant's need for a total knee replacement is arthritis. However claimant's work injury did aggravate, exacerbate or accelerate her pre-existing condition, and she is entitled to continuing medical benefits including the left knee replacement.

Already been on the phone with my attorney and selected a bone joint doctor....my attorney is sending my selection to wc attorney and now we wait to see if there will be an appeal. My attorney doesn’t believe there will be.

Also my attorney is planning a hearing for treatment of my right knee and back. I am having increased pain with my right knee and know a replacement is in the future for that knee.

Due to the delay in medical treatment and abnormal gait I have 2 discs leaking in the low back with S1 joint dysfunction.

Just wanted to share, I am so excited.

Bummer Knees

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Judge's Order Is In...After 26 Months Getting Medical Treatment - Bummer Knees - 02-05-2008, 06:35 PM

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