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looking for answers
Hi ya'll,

If you've faced this siituation I would really like to hear what you did,
if you know anyone who faced this, if you just have an opinion or if you just want to let me know I'm not alone, I welcome all replies.....

My injury was not as horrific as many, my injuries except for the bruising were not visible to the naked eye but the pain and limitations I have are difficult to deal with.

The company doc sent me back to work on "modified duty" My boss did not tell my co-workers about my restrictions so there was some grumbling when I had to refuse to do certain things until I explained.

Each time I've seen the doctor he's added to my restrictions. He ordered PT but after a few visits the therapist put me "on hold" stating I needed a MRI to make sure that therapy wasn't making an injury worse or if I could work thru the pain. I think this is why the doc finally ordered a MRI (which was finally approved and will be done this Thurs)

At the end of the day (and sometimes the beginning) I'm in so much pain that I'm hobbling around like I'm 150 years old....Last Friday my co-workers were grumbling that I wasn't working fast enough or even enough. I was slowing the process down because I was the only nurse on duty, except for my boss who was in her office doing paperwork. My boss asked me what the problem was and I pointed out that I was working as the doc ordered and he had put a limit on how long I could stand at one time. My boss stated she "had no idea and never heard of such a thiing" I gave her a copy (for the 2nd time) of the sheet with this modification on it. She literally snorted and said oh yeah like that's going to happen.....

I was in tremendous pain all weekend-could move only with great effort and considerable pain-did not leave home-did not do any of my normal activities. I had Monday off and today, still in pain, I called in specifying that the pain from the injury was the reason. I called the doctor's office because my follow up was listed as "prn or 24 hrs after MRI" but was told I couldn't come in until Friday. I'm still in pain and know that going into work is only going to make it worse because I truly believe that work has aggravated my injury. I'm seriously considering calling in again tomorrow....then I'm off Thurs and Fri until after I see the MD at which time I hope to have some answers.

Sorry this is so long.......I guess what I'm asking is what would you do or have you done? No one is going to protect me it seems except me!
I want to be back to 100% or as close as I can get and working normally again. I don't think that's going to happen with things the way they are. Should I go see my own doctors? I'm just feeling very isolated and insecure about my job. My boss has already said I should "never" have reported this injury.........what does that mean?

If you've got any words of wisdom please pass them on


"After all, tomorrow is another day." Wishing you a better tomorrow!

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looking for answers - nurse83 - 01-22-2008, 06:44 PM

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