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Tpm's neck woes continue
stiffnecked Wrote:TPM, do you have any pic's you can post? My fusion which was the same as your was 30 months ago. This new surgeon said you should be able to tell within the first 90 days if it was going to fuse or not.

Unfortunately I don't Stiffnecked. I was only able to see them at the office. What I saw was one fully filled fusion whereas the other looked like it didn't take at all. The NP said it looked like it started however. He also said another 6 months and if it didn't take they would then consider other options. I go back to the surgeon on Feb 21st
I can show you a picture of my initial surgery but not the latest.
Take care
Take Care and Be Well

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Tpm's neck woes continue - tpm - 01-18-2008, 02:50 PM

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