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Cost of Medications$$$
I am starting to think about the future...and can't sleep again. So here is my question. I know some of you have setttled your cases or no longer are receiving benifits. Please tell me how in the world you afford your medications. Prior to my injury I had health insurance and they paid 80% of the cost. The corbra rate was just crazy.

My lawyer had me get the cost of my monthly medications. Are you ready for this...$1180.00 a month. I ask myself what in the world am I going to do if wc just stops paying for them. We could do it for awhile. My husband wouldn't let me do with out. But that is aweful. My anti-depressant is $480.00 a month. That is enough to make me depressed all over again. It doesn't come in generic...it is for nerve pain...which I have so bad. And I must have tried 6 or 7 before the Dr and I found one that helped.

How in the world do you all pay for your medications? Have you been able to get insurance after being on wc. I do not want to have my medical left open. I just can't even stand the thought of having to deal with wc for the rest of my life. What a nightmare that would be. And I know there isn't a settlement big enough to ever cover all the needed medical care with medication. SO what do you do. Please explain it to me.

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Cost of Medications$$$ - Spring - 05-07-2007, 05:25 AM

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