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New to the thread. I currently reside in California, on 2/20/2020 I injured myself at work. My employer did not file a incident report. After being in severe pain for a few days I consulted a foot and ankle specialist who concluded that my tendons in my ankle where ruptured. Following the results of the medical evaluation. I emailed the report over to work. They waited until 3/4/2020 to report the incident to worker’s compensation. Workers compensation has not done anything about it. I hired an attorney to assist me in 3/10/2020. I still have not seen a dr. With the exception of my personal dr. I received a letter from worker’s compensation stating my case is being delayed pending investigation. I’m very confused with the process as to when will I be treated. Will I ever get wages recovered. Is this process normal? Any tips or timelines on what to expect.

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