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Ever have to report your lawyer to the State Bar?
Fellow Forum Members,
Unfortunately I live in a very small town in a very rural area and made the mistake of hiring a small town lawyer. Now I could tell you all the dirty little details, but the point is I made a complaint, was contacted by a manager , and within 24 hours I was assigned to an investigator. They told me they were taking my complaint very seriously (I skipped a 2-3 week part of the process). The deadline for all evidence for both parties is tomorrow and I had all mine in yesterday so good on that count. When it comes to legal and medical files and communications I don't play around so I was able to provide everything they asked for. Since receiving a notice from the State Bar my attorney has done a 180 and is all of a sudden doing his job well (which I'm grateful for). I guess I'm just curious if any of you have made it to the State Bar Investigation stage and how things turned out for you. Or if you have a bummer attorney story you want to share I can relate for sure Smile
"Spread love everywhere you go." - Mother Teresa​
I am not a professional and I live in California. I've been in the system 93 months and counting so I've been around the block a couple of times.

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Ever have to report your lawyer to the State Bar? - Buddy1114 - 04-10-2020, 11:27 PM

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