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Should I listen to my attorney?
So I feel like I'm cornered and have no where to go and don't know what to do so I would like some advice. If you want some context then read the following paragraphs or just skip to the last one for my actual questions, thank you for your time.

I had an accident on the job when I was 20. Injured my lower back and have had countless therapy sessions, injections and one surgery. My surgery left me with side effects which haven't gone away so I declined a second surgery when the doctor recommended me so even though I needed it, I wanted to have some more time to heal correctly before I considered a new surgery so I was just staying at home resting. I asked my lawyer to settle my case to be able to pay my debts and be able to decide what to do with patience. However, I feel my lawyer played me dirty. The judge said I should look for work and provide proof but my lawyer told me he was going to appeal and that I shouldn't do so. When I faced the judge at my next hearing, he was upset because I didn't do what he told me to so he suspended my payments even though 2 surgeons said I was a candidate for a second surgery. So now my lawyer tells me I have two options. First is to continue with the appeal process which he said would take 6 months or more and I wouldn't get paid during that time or to look for a job for at least a month and then they could request a hearing to get my payments back but that I had no choice. To be honest, I'm not ready to work, I can't sit for long periods of time or can't stand for long periods of time, only thing that lets me go by each day is resting at home. If I go out, then I get cramps or my feet or toes get really numb or tingling without mentioning that I also get way more pain and he wants me to work.
My lawyer said my last option would be to settle my case which I would be looking at $33k without taking into account his fees and I would have to surrender all my medical benefits. So here are my questions and highlights of my case.

New York State
I was 20 initially and now I'm 25.
I got lower back surgery and other treatment for lower back
I can get a second surgery based on two surgeons I went to
I gained 80 pounds since my injury and I'm still not fully recovered

I feel my lawyer sold me out, is there anything i can do? Is $33k really what i should get based on being in workers comp for 5 years? Lawyer also said if I get surgery without looking for a job first to get my payments again then I wouldn't get paid so is that really so?
Thank you to anyone that can give me advise or answer any questions

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