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Can I overturn PQME of MMI decision if primary doctor doesn't agree and get my TTD Be
I have a work injury claim that resulted in a serve herniated disc about 18 months ago that has been accepted by my companys workmans comp insurance. Haven't been back to work since then. Waiting for surgery and further treatment. had 2 MRI'S and 1 emg also going to a spine specialist pushing for surgery which just got approval about 2 weeks ago. I also have a qme report about 6 months ago. The report stating needed further surgical treatment that would beneficial for every day life and return to work better. He also stated I am mmi with 13% of wholebody disability. So my ttd payments stop 6 months ago and now recieving ppd which is really nothing. Im totally going in debt and on the verge of being homeless with my family. How can I overturn qme opinion.and get my TTD benefits reinstated (only seen the qme for 30min which 10 mins he was asleep during the exam) . I currently have a workers comp attorney. But was trying settle with the bogus qme report. But I need treatment. So refused the settlement. I just need advice and opinions other than my attorney on if that a qme horrible report can be overturned. I can provide my PQME report if needed for better assessment. California works comp case

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Can I overturn PQME of MMI decision if primary doctor doesn't agree and get my TTD Be - ART661 - 09-30-2019, 09:25 PM

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