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Settlement Questions ? I live in Illinois
Can anyone explain to me how what a settlement is based on? The insurance company is trying to settle my case but they only want to pay me for 137.5 weeks of my wages. Don’t they have to compensate for your injuries too? My doctor has put me at MMI and a Medicare trust will be set up for future medical costs. My disk in my lower back is gone due to my accident, I have pain 24/7 in my low back running down my left leg with numbness and tingling in both feet. I have a list of work restrictions from my doctor, the IME doctor I have been to twice now agrees with everything my orthopedic doctor says which I was told was unheard of. I have the option to have infusion surgery but my doctor can’t guarantee with my age that it will work and there is more risks due to my age as well. I have decided to wait on surgery and to have my medical left open. So the insurance company wants to settle but they aren’t offering much except for 137.5 weeks of wages. They stopped my work comp checks in December of 2018 because they said I was on Wellbutrin and nicotine patches to stop smoking which my medical doctor put me on. Don’t they have to compensate you for your injuries??
Thanks Bets

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Settlement Questions ? I live in Illinois - Bets - 06-21-2019, 10:51 AM

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