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(01-22-2019, 06:44 PM)California_Help Wrote: I thought there were a few attorney's who said they would take your case? You may have to contact attorney's outside of your area. My attorney was 2 hours away. Your best chance is hiring an attorney IMO, but if you are not able to I will cross my fingers you prevail in court. I suggest writing down a list of things you want to mention at the hearing with your evidence and take it with you. It is common for a denied case (your TTD is denied) to have difficulties finding an attorney.

What you describe with the judge wanting you and the defense attorney to settle the issue is what I saw when I was at court. However it was not the horrible experience you wrote about and I had equal chance to talk. Judges want parties to settle the issue and if it cannot be settled then it will move to a trial. For $25. you can buy the book I recommended by Christopher Ball on California Workers Compensation, and it gives a step by step guide to preparing for court. Just make sure you get the most current edition. (unknown). It is important to remain respectful of the judge, even when you are upset with him.


You also have the choice to take the settlement they offered. Benefits in the work comp system are very limited, and it sounds like you have gotten medical treatment but due to the UR system treatment can be denied later. You mentioned a back injury and you hit your head but that QME stated no surgery and conservative treatment. It is unknown to me what your PD amount would be. I would weight it out and unless you have an injury that will need a lot of treatment, it may be worth considering to settle. Most people in this system end up with much less than if they had been working and not a good place to be long term.

California help?

I picked up copies of the minutes hearings and I noticed that the last one was signed by a different judge. The other two was sign by the hearing judge.

I remember that the judge handed the pre-trial forms to the court reporter and she handed them to the defense attorney. I went back yesterday and the defense attorney was there so he gave me copies.

Can another judge sign the minute hearing?

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