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Accept $3,000 Settlement offer for head injury???
I'm deciding whether to accept a settlement offer.
THE FULL STORY: I slipped on a wet floor at work (it was not marked wet) over a year ago. I had preexisting migraines that I was taking preventative medication for that was minimizing my migraine days to a few a month. Since the fall, even with an increased dose of medication, I have about 15-17 migraine days a month now. I was offered a few thousand a few months ago, but before I would accept, my neurologist and I insisted that I have an MRI done. I didn't have it done in the ER because they knew from my pupils and overall confusion that I had a concussion, and I had other injuries/sprains that they felt needed to be scanned. After the MRI, at my followup, my neurologist suggested additional treatment (Botox and nerve blockers - he suspects I bruised a nerve in the fall) to help with my migraine. This is in addition to his initial analysis that I would need cognitive therapy to help with my memory as I still have symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. With the two added treatments, I'm a bit surprised that they didn't increase the settlement amount at all. The injections are expensive, and I would need to pay out of pocket for part of them. I'm not getting a large settlement as it is, so I'm really trying to avoid getting a lawyer, but if anyone has any insight, I just don't know if I should have expected more than a few thousand for something like this. I was out of work for over 4 months (at a minimum wage part time job), but the migraines are causing me to use sick time at my new job too, so they are obviously still affecting my life.
SUMMARY: I'm being offered a few thousand dollars for a head injury I got slipping on an unmarked wet floor. I was offered a settlement 11 months after my fall, but didn't accept since I never had an MRI. Post-MRI: my neurologist added Botox and nerve blocking injections to my treatment for the next year, but I was still only offered the same amount as before the MRI and treatment change. Should I be accepting that?

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Accept $3,000 Settlement offer for head injury??? - Andalasia - 10-23-2018, 12:00 AM

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