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Qme question
(10-06-2018, 11:16 PM)1171 Wrote: You can choose any doctor from the panel. Trying to anticipate whether the carrier might object or whether the DWC will decide to issue another panel isnot something you have to predict.
You are adding rules and steps that are not part of the process. Just keep it a simple choice for now and see what happens.

I apologize if it sounded like I wanted to add or create a new rules. I’m just anticipating so I can be prepare since the last qme suddenly retired and didn’t finish his report.

I didn’t realize how important he was. I’m debating on choosing the one that won’t give the carrier an opportunity to appeal and delay it again.

It’s been so long and I’m sure they seen hundreds of patients so they might not even remember me.

I wonder if there’s a website that review them

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