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Florida - Worker comp injury
(10-04-2018, 01:19 PM)1171 Wrote: If you don’t trust your atty you can switch and the fee is shared. Talk to a few and let them know up front your concerns and goals. If you don’t, they’ll assume you want what they want: quick cashout for as much as you can get.
Ask for one that specializes in workers comp. use more options in the search feature to limit search to the workers compensation practice area.
You can request a second opinion or a change of physician

Thanks ! I hired one from a big law firm. I just feel like my case is still very new my symtoms are concerns are not being heard from the clinic they assigned me too. I am scheduled to see neurologist which I heard and read reviews is the worst neurologist to deal with . I still suffer from severe head ache , dizziness , nausea and memory list . Had a few episode of passing out . Would like to see a neurologist sooner but was told the doctor assigned to me is on vacation. If I Seattle my case any other treatment I get will not be covered. The settlement offer will basically just cover one to two treatment. I trust my lawyer. But I don’t think it’s in my best interest to settle when I haven’t even seen a specialist.

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