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Please help us guardianship or POA buyout case
My wife’s case has settled a few years ago. Lifetime medical and lifetime pension. Her dementia was proved to be industrial along with other gi and internal medicine symptoms. My first question is in regards to the attorney. I thought after the case settled I wouldn’t hear from them anymore but why are they still in charge of setting up appointments and assigning my wife to their own choices on the mpn? Shouldn’t this be handled by her family? I haven’t even received from the lawyer adjuster information or anything. They have full control. I don’t understand why are they still in the picture at this point. We are in CA, San Jose and I think the best would be to buyout the case since we r planning on moving to Australia. I was told guardianship would have to be the way but I won’t file for that. My wife has prepared a medical and financial power of attorney backdated years ago when she had a sound mind. I don’t want to file for guardianship because is a lengthy process and too invasive. Is a durable power of attorney sufficient to buyout the case and act on her behalf/her best interest? The lawyer stated guardianship!!! The doc is complete. There are 2 witnesses signed and in CA I was told either 2 witnesses or notary not both. Am I correct? I don’t think I need guardianship and I won’t go that route.

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Please help us guardianship or POA buyout case - Palmers - 10-03-2018, 10:18 PM

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