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Workers comp settlement amount help
Hello everyone. I’m in major need of help here. I just got my ppd rating of 11% for my back injury. I was injured on Jan 26,2018 and never returned back since my job does not accommodate my work restrictions.I am 25 year old male, I live in Nevada and I have an average monthly wage of $2,600.93 (according to workers comp math). They Pay me $797.44 every 14 days in workers comp checks. I have an attorney but I don’t trust them, they never answer calls and now that I got my rating they haven’t bothered to give me an idea of what I might be receiving. Can someone please help with the settlement calculation. I don’t trust my attorney and would like to get help with the equation/math. I’ve looked but I have been unsuccessful. I just had a newborn last month all I was not expecting to get injured at work I’m overwhelmed right now, I’d like to know how much money I might be able to count with. Thanks in advance for any help at all.

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Workers comp settlement amount help - Jayal27 - 09-06-2018, 08:20 PM

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