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Process for Settlements in Illinois
So a year ago, I was injured at work. Long story short, I am now as well as I am expected to be and have went back to work with a different company. I have an attorney and he sent me a letter the other day saying that my employer/insurance company offered a settlement. He declined it and they submitted another offer that he thought was fair. I agreed that it was fair and let his office know that I would accept it.

Here's my question: The attorney is always busy and I have to set up an appointment to speak with him by phone so I thought I may get a faster answer here. Smile

So, I agree to the settlement offer, they obviously agree and the lawyer agreed. What is the process now? Who drafts what? Who signs what? Does this happen at the next 3 month continued arbitration hearing date or will this be done separately?

And what is the timeline for this to be over with? A month, couple months, six months? Are there laws for how long everyone has to submit their items and cut the check?

I have never been involved with a work comp case before, and while I was out of work, my work comp payments weren't enough to really keep me above water. I have used my savings and taken some loans. I am anxious to receive my settlement check so I can pay off my creditors and hopefully let life get back to normal.

Any insight is appreciated. Like I said, I called the attorney's office, but they will have to mail me a letter with a phone appointment time and it could be another week before I get a chance to find out what the timeline is for everything to be completed.

Thanks for any help!

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Process for Settlements in Illinois - InjuredinIllinois - 06-22-2018, 03:14 PM

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