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1st Time Private Business Claim - Need Advice/Info

In accordance with the Texas Workers Compensation / Texas Insurance Board's rules, I have informed my employer TODAY of a work-related condition that is causing me pain and suffering.

I have been perusing the websites of the afore-mentioned commission and board, and find some needed information is missing.

These may be very easy and mundane questions that are clear to some, but right now, they are as clear as mud to me. I'll begin with this one:

My employer does participate in the TWC program and by TWC rules, I have to go to a provider that my employer's insurance participates with. How long should it take my employer to send me to a Dr. to get evaluated? I worked for a local municipality for years and was injured on the job several times, and I went Immediately to the Occupational Health Clinic for evaluation and treatment.

I do not want to inundate the forum with questions, so I will ask them one at a time.

Any advice / input is appreciated. - Thanks

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1st Time Private Business Claim - Need Advice/Info - Pacman - 05-21-2018, 05:36 PM

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