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Re injured myself (not the workers comp injury)
Last week I broke my elbow, unrelated to my workers comp injury, which was a broken hip. Will this play ANY part at all in my workers comp case? Last month the Dr. said I could return to work with restrictions. My work rejected my restrictions. I go back to the Dr. this coming week. I really don't know exactly what I am asking...will my Dr. factor in this injury in his decision to have me go back to work, in addition to the restrictions? I obviously am not going to be able to work doing my physical job with my broken elbow. I don't want this break complicating matters at all..not that it isn't already hindering my day to day activities. Does anybody know what an additional injury may or may not mean regarding my going back to work/not going back to work? Thanks.

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Re injured myself (not the workers comp injury) - 241050 - 03-09-2018, 11:47 PM

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