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Who pays for surgery if work comp is denied
(02-27-2018, 07:41 AM)Dayneliski Wrote: I am being told by several doctors I will need surgery for my knee injury from work. My workman comp at work, they said they were doing investigation I would most likely have to pay for everything. I have to see there second opinion doctor on the 19th of March my first opinion was at UofM, the team of doctors said I would need surgery. This injury happened at work in front of other employees. I don't understand why I would be responsible. I still have to wait to see the worker compensation doctor says but seems i am already going to be denied, so if workman's comp does not pay for my surgery will by BCBS of Michigan pay for it or what happens.

In my situation, worker's comp refused to pay after stating they would pay, after refusing to pay - a bit confused? My group coverage was also through BCBS of Illinois - they paid for a fraction but stated the rest was 'worker's comp' in nature and refused to pay. My union agreed (IAMAW) to pay for one of the three necessary surgeries (most serious one) if I agreed to pay them back. I did, and was included in the cash settlement I received. You may end up hiring a worker's comp attorney like I did as the worker's comp adjuster WILL run all over you.

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