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NYS-my pain management doctor and IME doctor both testified in comp court in July as to whether I could go through a lumbar SCS trial. Judge ruled in my favor and I went through the trial in August with 60% relief. Back in September I met with the surgeon who explained to me that the paddles for the stimulator would be placed in the thoracic region to treat lumbar and lower extremity pain. She requested approval of an MRI of thoracic spine and implant of SCS with partial disectomy of thoracic for paddle placement. Now the carrier and comp board have denied both because the thoracic spine is not a established body part. My doctor has resent a MG2 and explained the need for the paddle placement to be in the thoracic region. Guess my lawyer will have to request another hearing. Has anyone else been through this same situation? Or have any thoughts to why it was denied? Thanks for any help

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