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NC workers comp question
(02-07-2018, 11:08 PM)Cwayman21 Wrote: I went into mediation almost a month ago and a settlement was agreed upon. Since then I have heard nothing more about it until I called my attorney again today and found out that they haven't even received the full agreement from the other attorney for me to sign. Is this time frame normal? I didn't think it took a month to draft a full settlement agreement.

Hi Cwayman,

I, too, went through the NC Worker's Comp system seeking a medical retirement beginning in 2016 and concluding last year. I'm a member of the IAMAW (labor union) and they offered minimum help. All Worker's Comp doctors seem to be working for the employer and NOT the injured employee. First attempt at mediation was a disaster and called off, mediator stated as much. I requested and received a new attorney through the same law firm as a result.

Once the second attorney came in, everything moved along like clockwork but it still seems they worked for my ex-employer more than they did for me. If it wasn't for my stubborn insistence on a number of issues I would be unemployed, unable to work and no cash to live on. Look for my brief story in this same category under 'Experiences in NC'.

My current issue is 'income tax filing'. Settlement is supposed to be tax free but part of the settlement was for me to reimburse the union for expenses incurred on my behalf. Union failed to file a claim by the deadline, well after settlement funds were disbursed as a matter of fact.

Their first contact with me was a summons to appear in Chicago Federal Court within four days - I overnighted a cashier's check as law firm finally admitted they had no experience in this particular issue. Sadly, one of my W2s shows part of the reimbursement as taxable income - awaiting an answer from the union and my ex-employer.

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