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What type of settlement amount should I be asking for?
I fell at work 1/23/2017. I injuried my knee and had a minimal Mencius tear. I started physical therapy in April 2017 and finished June 2017. I have had pain and swelling in my knee since the accident. I am a preschool teacher and I can not even get on and off the floor without pain and shaking . Taking steps hurts and even walking sometimes causes pain and swelling in my knee. MRI recently now shows I have basically Arthritis in my knee which I didn’t know and I haven’t had knee problems prior to this injury. I have done knee gel injections which provided relief for about three weeks and the pain came back twice as bad.

I received insurance checks every 2 weeks for $300 but when I first spoke with the claims lady she stated I would be getting 260 a week instead of 150 a week which I’m getting now. Sometimes my checks do not come and it takes weeks before I can even get in touch with the lady and I leave a message twice a day every day until I can finally get in touch with her it’s becoming a hassle I have children to take care of and I cannot risk losing my apartment because the checks just keep stopping and I’m so behind on bills. I’m a preschool teacher and have a knee injury can affect my career as I need to be able to get on and off the floor at daycare that I work at as I can be placed in other rooms if were shortstaffed which include infant and toddler I have to be able to get up and off the floor in a timely fashion. My doctor told me that I can return to work only issue is I have restrictions such as no bending or squatting and the doctor that they have sent me to also make those same findings preschool is my life as that’s what Im in school for so now I have to change career fields which is upsetting .

The claims lady told me that we can do a settlement and she can pay me the large lump sum and that this case would be done she told me to think about a number and we can discuss it further. But I have never done this and I do not have a lawyer I do not know what type of amount that I should be asking for.

Can anybody help with what type of amount I should be asking for ?
I need suggestions fast as once again I am missing checks for this whole month and I am at risk of losing my apartment I’m trying to do the settlement as fast as I can.

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What type of settlement amount should I be asking for? - Amirahlove21 - 01-18-2018, 12:02 PM

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