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How to stop fraud against the IW
(01-14-2018, 02:18 AM)Shadow Wrote: Yes the Pain management contract signed was to protect their right to prescribe and my right to recieve Narcotic Pain Meds. They never prescribed any but sure wanted to do the drug testing part. Lol So I gave them samples .

Turned out after a full and complete disclosure they claim I take no meds ( remember they never prescribed any) .

According to them I don't take my meds ( from my primary ) of sleeping meds, blood pressure meds, thryiod meds, neurological meds , or any other meds for that matter.

Obviously a false negative.

Ok so I call them out on it ..why in the hell am I being drug tested now ? They say well you have to drug test . I say well now that's a Civil Rights violation . Your out of your mind .. So I fired them .

The medical record just says patient negative for medications .. not what medications, like what is listed  on the lab slip.

Basically if the record were accurate it's obvious that the test results are wrong .

Think any Lab or provider wants to admit that the drug test are wrong ?

One test result cam back " quantity not sufficient "  Well .. I gave them a full cup of urine ..this is impossible. They are a certified collection site ..LMBO ! No preauthorization I take it ? Maybe the sample sat there over the weekend without proper specimen handling . Maybe they spilled it ? I have no idea what happened. But the result is BS.

They botched the drug test.. the medical record does not reflect accurately what happened at all. The medical record should be accurate.

They want to hide it is my guess.

Personally I think when a provider wants to drug test ... they better get it right. Reputations on the line here.

In my humble opinion a false negative is just as bad as a false positive.

I trusted this MPN provider. They breached the contract ,  demanded specimen collection , then bumbled the test results .

I want the medical record to reflect the true events....They don't

So I asked for my medical records and was told it's workers comp ..too bad. This provider looks incompetent here.

I want to add addendum's to back pages of the medical records with the test results attached for accuracy. Seems fair to me. It's my right.

Workers comp is a complete joke. Nothings enforceable. I cannot even get my medical records in this system . Unbelievable !!

All pain management did for me was make me sick emotionally. They tried to game it for more and more visits etc ...and of course more and more unnecessary drug test.

Crazy but true !

No ,I don't do drugs ..too old for that. I used to smoke marijuana ( 25 years ago ) but I didn't inhale  Smile

Thanks fro your original post California Help. I think its wonderful you are trying to educate others.
Hi Shadow,

I think you may be worrying for no reason. These drug tests only check for certain medications, and some tests are more sophisticated than others. It may be normal your other medications that are not narcotics did not show up. That is most likely not what you were being tested for. I suggest talking to the other doctor who is prescribing the sleep medication etc and ask him and your attorney if you need to be concerned.

I can tell you from my own personal experience I had same results as you no medications found, even when I was prescribed other medications like sleep (not narcotics). Nothing happened. Nor did I care. I knew they were only testing for specific medications, narcotics type of medications. The only place I know where they can do a test for ALL medications is a Toxicologist and it is expensive. 

Also, many of those tests do not always show all narcotics as certain synthetic opioids need more advanced tests to show on urine screens. One example is Fentanyl. This is one of the strongest opioids prescribed, however a regular urine screen will not pick it up. 

This explains how they only test for certain medications, and your sleeping pills depending on what they are, blood pressure etc probably would not be on this list of medications checked.

I am not an expert, but I think you may be worrying for no reason, but ask your attorney his opinion. He should know. I understand this system can make you feel like you need to defend yourself, and it can be warranted. I am not sure in this situation, so ask your attorney or doctor you trust.
I am not an attorney.Anything I write should not be considered legal advice.I am writing from my own personal experiences,which is not from any sort of legal background. You should consult with an attorney over legal issues. In California, if you cannot get an attorney you can consult with an I&A officer.

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