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CT - Full-Thickness Laceration Of the left ring finger -Workmans Comp Procedures?
(09-28-2017, 02:44 PM)systemviper Wrote: HI

You may contact your States WC and ask to be sure but I agree with 1171. However if your employer worded it as you did it appears to me they were miss-leading but not lying.

I found the CT pocketbook from the State @ http://wcc.state.ct.us/download/acrobat/...-guide.pdf

and at the site 1171 mentioned   http://www.wcc.state.ct.us/      you can find contact info to CTWC.  HI

I am just learning your state but have many resources at your disposal if you need. It is wise to seek info at the beginning b4 you make a mistake as you cant un-ring the bell they say}??

Make sure you file an incident report and MAKE COPIES of EVERYTHING no matter how little it may seem as you wont know whats important until you need it should things get ugly.

You also have automatic protection rights from termination provided by the state but I didnt read the law book on this area so the FMLA will protect your job for 12 weeks providing you have the work time for this benefit. Look into the rights from termination in pocketbook

Hang tough GOOD LUCK


Hi,  I am a baker at panera bread in CT, i was sweeping the floor on thursday night and the broom broke and almost took off my fingerprint/pad.  I was very lucky, if that broom had gone just another 1/4 inch down and cut off that bottom flap, my whole fingerprint/pad would have came off.

I filled out a report at the place i work and went to immediate care after i finished the bake. It was too late for stitches but i was told and it was written that i could not work till the follow up.
I had the follow up on sunday and they said i could go back to work under certain conditions...

These are the limitations that the doctor put me...
- Work half shifts till re-evaluation.
- Not to lift > 10 LBS.
- Don't go near water.
- Not to wash dishes.
- Only perform clean and dry work.

Since my job is baking everything for the next day, my boss couldn't come up with a situation that would work that took into account the doctors recommendations.

My boss just told me " At this time you will need to apply for a medical leave due to you missing 5 shifts from work"
I live in CT, what are my next moves, i was going to call HR, but isn't this a workmans comp issue or both workmans comp and panera.

What do i do next, how do i handle workmans comp? Did i do the correct things?

thanks in advance


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