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CT - Full-Thickness Laceration Of the left ring finger -Workmans Comp Procedures?
Hi, I am a baker at panera bread in CT, i was sweeping the floor on thursday night and the broom broke and almost took off my fingerprint/pad. I was very lucky, if that broom had gone just another 1/4 inch down and cut off that bottom flap, my whole fingerprint/pad would have came off.

I filled out a report at the place i work and went to immediate care after i finished the bake. It was too late for stitches but i was told and it was written that i could not work till the follow up.
I had the follow up on sunday and they said i could go back to work under certain conditions...

These are the limitations that the doctor put me...
- Work half shifts till re-evaluation.
- Not to lift > 10 LBS.
- Don't go near water.
- Not to wash dishes.
- Only perform clean and dry work.

Since my job is baking everything for the next day, my boss couldn't come up with a situation that would work that took into account the doctors recommendations.

My boss just told me " At this time you will need to apply for a medical leave due to you missing 5 shifts from work"
I live in CT, what are my next moves, i was going to call HR, but isn't this a workmans comp issue or both workmans comp and panera.

What do i do next, how do i handle workmans comp? Did i do the correct things?

thanks in advance


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CT - Full-Thickness Laceration Of the left ring finger -Workmans Comp Procedures? - systemviper - 09-28-2017, 02:44 PM

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