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Denied Unemployment have RESTRICTIONS IL
I got hurt at work and still havn't seen a penny in 4 months. I have had an attorney from the very start of the injury. My work denied the claim right away and I am waiting on it to go to trial. I havn't even gotten paid any TTD (TEMPORARY total disability). The only thing I've done since the start of this surgery is seen an orthopedic ounce and go to physical therapy ounce a week. I am awaiting a total hip replacement when I'm not even 30. Both my doctors say it is work related and one of them being world renown. The orthopedic said he would like to do it but unfortunately i have to wait untill the judge orders them to pay for the surgeey and to get some sort of income from TTD. I recently got my doctor to put me on work restrictions since I've been off work for so long with no money. I was hoping since my employer does have some sit down office positions I could do that untill I have my surgery I need. My attorney said if they can not accomodate my work restrictions than they have no choice but to give me unemployment. It's been over a month now since I filed for unemployment. Had several phone interviews. The adjudicator even told me over phone she would probably approve me today if could fax over doctor documentation which i did that same day. This week had another interview and somehow same day had it got a denial letter. The letter said I wasn't able or aviable which makes no sense to me. I can not be weight bearing but I can sure sit at a desk and use my hands and ears and do office work. If anyone has experienced this before or could provide any insight to the situation it would be greatly appreciated. This has to be the most frustrating drawn out process mentally and financially I've ever dealt with.

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Denied Unemployment have RESTRICTIONS IL - avn - 09-09-2017, 06:04 AM

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