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California UR Doctor prescribes breaking time-released Opioid? Legal?
The UR doctor based out of Northern California has requested I bite or tear apart time-released opioids as a way of tapering. My PTP has said he will "fire me as a patient" if I break apart any time-released medication he prescribes". The UR doctors report is full of lies, he claims "Doctor does not ask for drug testing" I get drug tested every two to three months randomly and never have failed one. UR doctor said "doctor has never tried to taper medication".

My doctor has tried to taper medications but than the adjuster deny's the medications causing me to end up in worse shape. They have had me go "cold turkey" many times during our goal to reduce pain medications of both pain and psyche meds.

I realize the UR's Doctor's request to tear up my time-released medications is crazy, will the IMR uphold his request? What if the same doctor asking me to break up my pain medications is the IMR Reviewing doctor? How would you write to the IMR even though you know that 90+% of all requests are upheld.

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California UR Doctor prescribes breaking time-released Opioid? Legal? - TreadingWater - 08-02-2017, 03:57 PM

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