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attorney lien question (please)
In California, I have a lengthy workers comp case (over 5 years). Anyways, I fired my attorney of 6 years, because his refusal to communicate with me, and also either lying or incompetent over handling of negotiations. I say this, because turns out the defense was attempting to commincate and my attorney was saying there was nothing coming from the other side, this went on for who knows how long. But put this aside for now.

Ok, here is my issue.

Fired attorney, signed paper stating I was no longer represented, now attorney files a lien against me (CA workers comp appeals court). The lien is for tens of thousands of dollars. I don't want to give the exact in case he or she reads this forum.

Lets say the lien is 30k, and I settle my case for 50k ... does this mean the attorney gets 30k ... or does the lien have to follow the original agreement of 15% ... so this would be $7500 and not 30k? Will a judge possibly make a fair reasonable amount , like ratio of settlement monies to fees?

I have not filed an objection as of yet, and will probably make contact with attorney to discuss their fee when and IF the case is ever close to settling.

I plan on representing myself for the rest of the case.

Thank you,


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