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Mmi releasing me with no restrictions. MRI shows ruptured disk 3 weeks ago
Hi I injured my back in Feb, by lifting and throwing about 70 lb parts. I had a very bad pulled muscle in my back that was a big know. I was still in pain so she sent me for an MRI after 4 mo. MRI showed scoliosis and a ruptured disk with minimal cord in the area of my pain. I felt the pop when the injury happened. So they send me 2 hrs away for mmi. He tells me it was medical malpractice that she sent me for an MRI and never did xrays. And that my bulging disc in now in my head since I know I have it. Um what? That is why my back still hurt after 4 mo. He said I need to go back to work, but not at my old job because it's too demanding physicaly. And I could go get a job at subway. I was making $18 an hr at my job and could run circles around people half my age. Yes very hard heavy back breaking work, but I was good at it. So released me with no restrictions. Is this right? I'm very much not understanding what just happened

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Mmi releasing me with no restrictions. MRI shows ruptured disk 3 weeks ago - stangbill - 06-20-2017, 01:04 PM

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