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On WC but not on WC??
(02-27-2017, 12:07 AM)California_Help Wrote: Once that QM wrote you were MMI which is P&S means TTD stops. Did your new attorney go to this hearing yet and if so why have you not received back payment for TTD? You have a lot of issues an I cannot answer them without knowing specifics. Since you were never notified of the MPN, they may owe you back TTD (unknown). Have you applied for state disability? If you do not get approved I recommend applying for that through EDD. Your attorney is going to have to fight for you to get your back payment of TTD worked out. Both your attorney and insurance company may be waiting on new QME report, but this would just be a guess on my part, so I recommend to ask your attorney.

Did your new attorney help you pick a doctor in your MPN? Your treating doctor is important, what is his specialty. Make sure you google check his reviews and any attorney before hiring one.

It is unfortunate you were treated this way. Hopefully everything gets straightened out.

Even if the whole report was struck from the record by the judge? See the QME put me at mmi and p&s 5% whole person impairment, but this was before my atty tried to subpoena the qme to no avail. The hearing was cancelled, due to it only being about medical and they recently approved and set up PT. No my atty did not they emailed me a link to the mpn website, i then navigated the website called a doctor and set up an appointment. My atty had great reviews and was researched extensively before i switched attys.

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