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Getting Tired Of My Ins. Carrier....
From what we were told, the hearing coming up was the settlement hearing and a decision would be made there.. Permanency has been done and everything.. Judge has already ruled that no more job hunting was to be done. Now I'm told that some rule was changed last week, I don't have to be at the hearing, the judge doesn't have to rule, etc...

I asked him how come I was told I had to be at this hearing, I was going to be asked questions and now it's changed... I also asked what had come to questioning the last IME I had... he says since the Carrier agreed to the reports from my surgeon, PA and pain management, he didn't question the IME..

From what my lawyer's secretary said when I was signing the papers.. she said when the judge rules on the 16th, it takes 23 days to receive your settlement check... said they give the injured person 10 days just in case they want something changed or decide something else, then another so many days after that in case problem comes up and so on... she said it's always 23 days including weekends...

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RE: Getting Tired Of My Ins. Carrier.... - tbear6410 - 04-14-2018, 03:12 PM

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