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Time-Loss Stopped - What Are My options?
So my self-insured employer stopped my time-loss a month ago, and I am still not medically cleared to work. That said, I am doing freelance work on the side to the level I normally would full-time. My injuries limit me from walking (much), squatting, etc. I can sit all day long, no problem. I should fix some of this legally, but it is technically all under my  solo business, though not paid as such.

Now here's where it gets tricky - I think even if the State issues an order to pay time loss, it'll be a few grand to cover what they stopped a month ago plus another month. But I was warned they're likely to appeal it just to be asshats. 

With no time loss, what are the differences between:
- Quitting job of injury
- Trying to get them to fail to get me to come back
- Trying to get to MMI and get a few grand from that even if I'm not getting time-loss (this could take 3-6 months.)

What's the impact of using social media (as normal) during all of this -- while not getting time loss?

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Time-Loss Stopped - What Are My options? - shefallsdown - 01-23-2017, 09:45 PM

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