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Strangled At Work Washington
(01-13-2017, 08:34 PM)dmotley5706 Wrote: I am 18 years old and was a caregiver for a special needs kid through a Agency . on November 10, 2016 I was strangled by the Kid and punched on my right shoulder bone  which lead me to be in pain and miss a lot of hours leaving me without a job. After i filed workers comp through my employer it was approved and was told to be sent to Urgent care where i was diagnosed with Cervicalgia in My neck and had a right shoulder contusion leaving me in pain and limited mobility in my arm and neck i was required to wear my neck brace 24/7 everyday, was given muscle relaxers, was given a prescription to go to physical therapy,and was told not to be performing any duties longer than 8 hours 6 of those hours i try to stay at school if i can go throughout the day with no pain. The doctor also said not to lift anything more than 10 pounds, reach, and not to work above my shoulder. This caused me to miss a lot of hours leaving me jobless because I couldn't meet the requirements for the job. I then started seeing a Physical therapist almost everyday for a week because the pain was unbearable and needed some release in my muscles I went five (5) times before I finally got an appointment with Occupational Medicine I went to the appointment and was told that I'm pretty much at my maximum medical Improvement since the physical therapy wasn't working I already went five times and I still had low mobility-in my neck and shoulder. He prescribed me to go to another physical therapist for six more visits which they don't have any openings until next month. So i'm left stressed about bills, In pain, and left with anxiety because i think i'm going to get attacked again. I also was diagnosed with PTSD. 

Having said that and wanting to settle since its been a nightmare how much should i ask for or what should i do? i really would prefer to handle this without an attorney.  

Was your employer not able to offer modified duty? How did you end up jobless? If your employer was not able to offer you some sort of employment they should be paying you time loss, and should have been since date of injury until now.

For that reason, I suggest you get a lawyer. That process is annoying and takes telling your story over and over. I sugest literally typing it out and actually reading from it so you don't miss details. A lawyer won't cost anything, usually 10% of your weekly time loss and then then 30% of your partial disability award. There's no "settlement" - this isn't a lawsuit. Only 55 and over in WA can settle.

So on top of that if you are MMI, you would not need medical help. Sounds like you do. Was the PTSD diagnosed by an LNI psychiatrist? If its on your record, you're not MMI until you're treated for that too (I'm on the same path, massive anxiety and depression from mine, also in WA. I had a pysch IME a few weeks ago, but I've been treated by my private psych and therapist.)

One thing i HATE about this is it is impossible to pay for things. If you ARE well enough to get a job, go do it, take care of yourself, this process is not worth your well-being. But if you truly are still injured and freaked out, make some life cchanges. That can be tough, but do what is going to be best for your health LONG TERM. Don't look at the money in the long term.

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